Gateway to the Japan’s last frontier


O-SHIKOKU TOUR General Manager Masashi Okabayashi 岡林さんの写真を入れる


Blue country, Shikoku. It is not only blue, but also a sun and rainy country full of sunlight. Although it is the smallest island in Japan's four main lands, there are three of the most beautiful rivers in Japan. Land blessed with mountains, sea, rivers, forests, the sun, and rich colors. We hope that you will come to Shikoku where you can enjoy the life, food, climate, history and culture, and enjoy a sustainable exchange.


[O-KYAKU] Open party mind for everyone [O-SEKKAI] Very Gentle personality [O-SETTAI] Vey positive Hospitality We will meet customers with the above three hearts. We will enjoy Shikoku Kochi with you all and provide you with a better relationship with the local community.


MASASHI OKABAYASHI (岡林雅士) Born in Kochi City, Shikoku. Growing up in Kochi Castle. My parents' house is a well-established pub in the center of Kochi City. After graduating from a certain university, he worked in New Zealand, Rotorua and Manchester, England. After that, he returned to Japan and worked for a travel agency for 20 years. I’ve been traveled with customers around Japan and around the world, focusing on outbound travel, and felt the goodness of local Kochi Prefecture again. From 2016, as a Kochi Prefecture tourism coordinator, creating tourism value with the region. Established O-SHIKOKU LLC in 2018. Acquired travel business in 2019. This is the representative of eating communication. Living with a wife and a 4-year-old, 8-month-old son (as of November 2019) Hobbies are travel, history, eating, badminton


Kochi Prefecture Governor Registration Travel Industry No. 3-129

OーSHIKOKU LLC 20-1 Saiwai-cho, Kochi-city, Kochi prefecture Zip 780-0045