Nikobuchi: a waterfall plunge pool with crystal clear waters

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How about experiencing sacred power spot in Kochi? A place of divine power.

At “Nikobuchi the waterfall spot”, and “Nakatsu Valley the adventure Boardwalk” (located along the Niyodo River of Kochi Prefecture), you can discover an unknown world, virtually untouched since ancient times. Attractions include the seven statues of the lucky gods, Rain dragon Waterfall, and a hot spring. The area is abundant with mountains and river wilderness.

“Niyodo Blue” Miracle clear stream Public transport can be somewhat inefficient, which makes travel difficult without a car. Part of the value of our tour lies in that it takes you to places difficult to reach for most tourists.


In a society that emphasizes technology and communication via artificial means, more fundamental concepts of humanity such as spiritual intuition and harmony with nature have become all too distant from everyday life. Welcome to Niyodo River, a river of glistening, clear water known as the “Niyodo Blue”. Come experience a unique world, known by few other than the locals. The tour is held deep among the mountains, in the towns of Ino and Noyodogawa. Since the Niyodo river is well-known for its rich blue color, many tourists visit Nikobuchi and Nakatsu Valley, the best places to see the beautiful “Niyodo Blue”. Magical moments and breathtaking views await.
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(8:30 am) Meet at hotel in Kochi city, or Kochi station.
(10:00 – 10:40) Nikobuchi
(11:10-11:40) Ikegawa Japanese tea plantation cafe
(12:00 – 13:00) Nakatsu Valley
(13:30 – 14:30) Lunch at Yunomori Hotel
(15:00 – 15:40) Sawawatari Cafe ASUNARO
(17:30) Back to hotel in Kochi city, or Kochi station.


■Price From ¥130,000 for 1person                 
※10,000 yen for each additional person
(max 6 person/group)

■ Duration   8 hours (approx)

■ Time schedule: Starting time: 8:30 am

■ Includes Meal (lunch, Tea break)                   
Transport Insurance Tour Guide
(English speaker) Tax
※Does not include Drinks

■ Insurance Travel insurance Insurance covers :          
Disability (450,000 to 15 million yen ),
death (15 minion yen), hospitalization fee,
visiting admission fee, travel goods damage

■ Cancelation policy
Cancellation available up to one week prior to tour.